Hack the future: How LS carried me to victory in the python challenge

The 24th of November 2020, me and my best friend LS participated in the Hack the future hackathon. We had to pick a top three of challenges and chose the following (in that order)

  • Security
  • JavaScript
  • Python

As you read in the title, we were assigned with the python challenge. The description with the challenge was pretty clear. It was clear that we needed to create something in Django, so LS already followed the tutorial on Django’s website the day before. He also found out about the visual studio plugin: “Live Share”. This allowed us to work together on the same files, without making use of a version control system like git. So because of LS, we had a pretty good preparation. Because of that, on the day of the hackathon, we were able to start quickly with the development while other teams were trying to set up git and trying to follow the Django tutorial.

The goal of the challenge was to create a web-interface where teams could order ammunition for their canon.

LS and I decided that he would do the logic, since he knew Django already, and I would do the CSS. He also came with the idea to “steal” assets from the HTF website, to stay in the right theme, so that’s what we did. We even had an animation on our team cards (see picture below). We made a lot of progress in the morning, and worked a little bit slower in the afternoon. I also started trying to implement some logic, which didn’t go that well because of copy paste errors. The last hour we wasted trying to deploy our application to AWS Lambda with Zappa, which didn’t succeed within the given time.

At the closing ceremony, we were announced as winners for the python challenge, and we received a Sennheiser EPOS ADAPT 360 along with candy and some other small prizes.

  • Add and name a new squad (team)
  • Join a squad (max 5 members)
  • Set your name
  • Order ammunition for the team

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Professional My Little Pony addict